Monday, February 14, 2011

Concept: Infrastructure

I'm mulling over the best way to create an AI and mechanics of the game. It makes sense the forward unit effectively acts as a path finder for the rest, rather than having to calc each units.

Mechanically I'm looking into predetermining/predicting events so the player sees a smooth action whilst its clunking away in the background. This is all around the idea that I can have a turnbased engine... each unit does so much damge per second, travels so far a second etc danger is it could be a bit cunkly. May need to reduce the duration past testing.

Range wise may have to dull down realism, if a unit is really firing at a unit on another lane its noticeably nearer. Could have "previous know target" set up, so even if you loose sight of enemy you could maybe select it and fire a grenade launcher. Same idea behind rally points. Units will all move towards a rally point (if you wish) for convience, although the enemy might bombard that location.

Be funny to see units fall back when injured, most others are very liner forward. Adds an annoying extra elelment, but can see how I could work in assault weapons are best for demoralising rather than outright killing. As I wanted to expand on the morale idea.

Unit Type: I love the idea of infantry, but may have to stick to ships else the level of detail required for visual fluff would be a nightmare.

Improved UI: Made the interface flat bar which makes in look more open. The Iso Grid really struggles with large maps, easier to use good old manual map with attachable details.

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