Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wonder Woman Concept rewrite

I'm not a massive fan of the wonder woman character. The more I find out about her myth the less I like. So here is my idea of a conceptional rewrite.

Modern Day. The Ancient Greeks Gods are dead. Only relics remain.

Diane Prince (AKA Wonder Woman) is the next in line to the throne of Thermscyria. However she is a dismissive 20 something-brat-teenager character. She is expected to live up to her reputation by competing in tournaments to earn powers, but she purposely drops out. Her mother, the Queen of the Amazons, sets Diane the task of going to the world of man and studying it. Its a ruse, that Diane would find the world of man horrible and come running back, seeing the errors of her ways.

But Diane takes the opposite view. She begins to see Thermscyria as a bubble trapped in the past, whilst she can make a real difference on Earth. So she starts competing in tournaments for mythical artefacts which grant the wearer super powers, then returns to earth to beat up drug lords and terrorists etc.

She gets found out by the CIA, who coerce her to work for them. So she works along side the CIA and military as a super spy, but at the same time going off mission to complete her own agendas. Then some monster like a Hydra turns up in New York. Diane rushes in and kills the beast in front of the press.

Diane is then given the title of "Wonder Woman" by the press and she has her 15 mins of fame. A little while later though there is a Coup in Thermscyria.  A farmer (no one really noticed before) now rules the Amazons and leads them to invade Earth. Diane from what she has learnt, leads a resistance gorilla style war against the Amazons. For a while it works but too many people are dying.

To stop the blood shed, Diane agrees to fight the evil Amazon 1v1, winner takes all. They fly around crashing through building etc, till Diane gets the upperhand and stabs the evil Amazon leader. At which point Athena's owl, (that another amazon won in a tournament) flies over to evil Amazon. Everyone reasons she is Athena. Athena cackles and tells them that its their destiny to be the new Gods of Earth. Diane refutes that too many people have died for the Gods and that peace and harmony should reign. Athena accuses her of being a fool and dies.

Diane then monologues about rebuilding and coxisting with man. She then talks of the legend of Prometheus. That as punishment for stealing fire from Zeus, he was chained to a rock and had his intestines eaten by vultures only to regenerate the next day to suffer the same fate for eternity. As a second punishment Zeus commanded Hephaestus and Athena to create the first human out of earth. Her name was Pandora.

The evil Amazon bursts out of a morgue locker, writhes around in pain as her body regenerates, she then exits the morgue. Diane is waiting outside. She indicates she knowns Pandora is Prometheus's daughter and that Pandora was testing them. Diane askes Pandora to join her but she refuses. Diane asks her about the "box". Pandora corrects her, humanity was the supposed evil and she was the vessel of hope. Through some back and forth Pandora reluctantly grants Diane her regenerative power, but she herself considers it a curse.

Additional rewrites

The lasso of truth is possessed or an actual living thing. So it can talk and morph between being a wip and a lasso.

Instead of calling "hera give me strength" its her suit of armour and the trigger line is "gaia give me strength" one of the Titans. That leads her to study history more and figure out Pandoras past.

Although Pegasus was the last flying horse, the Amazons make more out of clay.


To me, the idea that a woman has lived since Ancient Greece yet is still young and puppydog eyed makes no sense. So I've split the myth to two different characters.

Pandora is the 'Eve' character of ancient greek myth. I think its nice to re-write history so she is effectively a Christ like figure.

Diane's storey is akin to Hercules, where she is mortal and earns her way up to being this demi-god Wonder Woman figure.

Likewise that Diane doesn't have all the powers that the comics attribute to her, enables other Amazons to stand out as unique and credible threats to her.

Back Story 

When the Olympian Gods overthrowed the Titans. One of the Titans Sided with Zeus. Promethus. Promethus then felt guilt, and took the flame of olympus to help his kind. Zeus catches him, chains him to a rock and lets vultures eat his intestines. The next day Promethus would regenerate only to suffer the same fate over and over for eternity.

Zeus orders Hephaestus and Athena to create humans out of earth. Unbeknowns to everyone, Athena (angry at Zeus) takes a lock of Promethus's hair and puts it in the mixture. So Pandora, the first human, is daughter of Promtheus and has regenerative powers that make her immortal.

Pandora grows up on Mount Olympus till she comes of age when she is sent to marry one of the Titans down on earth. Pandora gives birth to the human race, then disappears out of history.

Hera hears of Zeus boasting that a woman would never rule mount Olympus. So she creates the island of Thermscyria, puts some amazons on there and gives them the ability to make life out of clay. She then hides the island away so she can privately laugh at Zeus.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

WoT Review

Having playing World of tanks for a bit. I think its a nice solid game and look forward to world of planes.

I think the main let down is the quality of players.  Every so often in a match and one side noob rushes the other down 1 flank to great effect. However what tends to happen is that flank stalls and the other flank is completely open. Yet pritty much every match it happens.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Concept: Will code for food

I'm beginning to see why people build tower defence games. Setting up 1 side to move towards another is relatively easy. Implimenting code OOP so that it can be reused for the opposing side tricker.

Basing the mechanics of real life weapons stats the weapons range is too far. Currenly I'm thinking of cutting drones (infantry) out, or cutting units off above destroyer.

Droners - Maybe Unit (infantry)
5.62- 7.62mm (1.8K range), grenades, rpg
Corvette - Smallest unit (akin to humvee)
12mm (2.5K range), Grenades, RPG
Frigate - Medium unit (akin to APC)
25mm (3-7K range), 12mm, TOW
Destroyer - Heavy unit (akin to Tank)
120mm (4-8K range), 2x 12mm,
Cruiser - Capital ship (akin to Frigate)
Long Range Missiles (120K range), 155mm (30k range), 12mm
Battleship - Capital ship (akin to destroyer)
Cruise Missiles (2.5 M range), 300mm, 120mm

In the set up of having each ship have a distinct feel, anything above Destroyer is massively over powered. Its difficult to see how I can rescale to include Drones, without making destroyers seem like mobile artillery. I would have to include some level of stealth sneekiness to smaller units to account for thier size so they stand a chance. Saying that in games like flashpoint anything beyond 1K range is Artillery style combat.

Cover wise, I can't be bothered adding another level of code for environmentals. Units will have shields where they can effectively build thier own cover. Under fire thier shields will degrade and can be mitigated by artillery weapons.

With the keyboard setup, the idea at least is that the game can be more point and click. You can maybe blind fire artillery, focus fire on units.

I kind of want units to have good AI, but that the they are restricted by terms of cost. IE, a unit unless ordered to, will fire the most economical weapon. Although my agressive/defensive setup idea may ease the micro.

That said the timer intercept idea, looks good. Obivious issues, like, if a good and bad unit are spawned at the same time, the game may miss it, if I code the AI too well it may get intercepts up the wazzu. Have to set up a system which tracks if something changes, who immediately is effected it should be doable. Depending how wide I make the map, there could be multiple front lines, so I will keep to 3 lanes.

Trash can - lol I started this idea in 2008
Time based, Isometric game structure - I may return to this but it feels less fluid.
Large Scale map - I'm going to limit to one campaign map.
Save states - I may have to do this or may influence me toning the scope down so I don't have to.
Scoreboard - funny how some say this has to be done, can't remember many that have
Drones - I think corvettes can replace them easily and remove 1 layer of weapons. I can just make a light corvette unit which is akin to infantry feel.
Captial Ships - I'll probably use these more as plot devices than playable units.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Concept: Fleet Commander I (V0.1.3)

After making progress I took some down time to play around with a splash / campaign map. Players will navigate this Map (and a simular Galaxy Map maybe) to move around. The scrolling isometric combat zones are the real time fun part. But all the while maintaining a fluid feel, ie you can zipp around the campaign in your ship and choose which battles you take, with maybe critical ones and extra bonus ones like Mass Effect.

I've jury rigged the combat environment into Isometric, improved coding elements. I got a bunch of hot keys working and a make shift timer. I think I may have to scrap the onEnterFrame idea shifting back to tweens. I aint looked into zoom control and restricting the Isomap movement. I suspect I may need another container MC.

I'll start soon rebuilding the combat engine. This version is a whole bunch of different elements I've had in different files I'm shoving all into one.

Some "working" artwork from itchystudios. He's a professional artist who has like 2 heavily active art blogs one where he keeps saying he's going to make a 'bazzilion' games.

I'm taking inspiration from him and ben olding.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Concept: Scope

I deved a complex combat engine which guffed up and kept each units equally killing each other. So I'm thinking of auto generating random events then applying them if and when with less ranGen() calls as its NOT random.

In so doing I have to lower the complexity scope of the units. Assault/Regular/Heavy units are as implied. With Drones, Corvettes and Frigates available. Atm I'm thinking keep destroyers and cruisers back as possible ships you fight along side or maybe in the second version if I ever actually make the first version.

The tween , turn basedmovement system has been glitchy ever since I put it in. I'm thinking of replacing it with a onenterframe code which can more easily be stopped instantly. I can then maybe use tweens and my previous turnbased combat idea once a unit has stopped standard travel, ie in combat. Enabling timers for reloads and such.

As you maybe able to see I've increased max range to 3000m for the top class weapons. All units can use each others weapons but with a disadvantage. So its possible to have a corvette dragging and full level Distruper but no other weapons. To mix things up, but it will suffer a accuracy penality as the unit will have half the command skill of a frigate.

Cannons (Turrets - direct fire)
5.65mm, 12.mm, 20mm
Plasma Launchers (Missiles- direct fire)
light, medium, heavy
Disrupters (Arilitary- indirect fire)
Flak (ie Grenades), Standard (Mortar), Heavy (Artillery)
Disrupters suffer penality if used on front line.

Basically the set up is heavier units have more higher plasma and Disrupters, but slower firing and less effective against smaller units. Not sure if I am currently over loading units with too many abilities.

AI: I may for the first version have to dum down AI so it does some things but basically sends units towards enemy. If the AI gets in a bit of bother I may need to code some "do clever things" actions to compensate so it doesn't keep loosing units. Hopefuly and use the same AI functions I intend for the user units.

GUI/Gameplay I may set controls on enemy units so that you can choose which unit fires by a short cut set of buttons rather than having to select a unit then go back to the enemy to fire.

Zoom: My uber coded zoom may have been a waste of time alas.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tesco Rapid Boil Kettle

Given I gave a fairly positive review of tescos hoover its bound there were some dogey stuff in thier imported tech.

It wobbles on its platform.
The spring loaded top sprays water around.
It makes a lot of noise boiling
... and itsn't that rapid.

Positive: It works?

Last kettle we got was from Asda and worked fine. If anything I'm sure we chose against this one last time. Were n't missing much.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011


Ok game, but lacking strength. Far too many games open, anyone can open them. Any games which get interesting, you get steam rolled by teams. I've gained insane xp stats for merely entering games its daft.



Testing twitter. Often find emailing my self from other accounts and places so yerh.