Saturday, March 19, 2011

BSO - BattleStarGalatica Lineships

Well I blew 2M and 60K on a Jortunn. They are fun but I expect that they need considerable up skilling of accuray skill as although this shoot 80 with each shot they miss an awful lot. Can easily get blindsided by escorts and fighters. Then for some stupid reason you can bounce around like a pinball if you hit another line.

Strongly not advise getting one :P

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Monday, March 14, 2011

BSO - BattleStarGalatica

For a free to play web game BSO is pritty impressive. You choose either cylon or colonia. having been on two servers you get the impression more people play cols. But Cylons have more fun.

First off the "development" of this game is dubious much like supremacy1914, things seem to get added taken away then added again, to some extent I see the logic. Apart from stablity issues I'm dubious to see or feel any changes. Saying that stabilty has improved although the basic infrastructure is a little CPU heavy, all models have maybe a little too much detail which you can't scale down.

Overall the game is good, fun and quick to level up. You can play to some extent against AI but more fun against humans. Here is where connection speeds and ram come in to play. There are some assigments which could be expanded upon but aren't at present. Levels as you soon find are somewhat half indicators of skill. As what you do with your XP points directly effects your capabilities.

Fighter/Escort/Line are basically the 3 types of ships you can have, each with 3 models within the classes. You can then upgrade these or get an already upgraded cubit models. I started with a raptor, then I got an upgraded sycthe for 45K cubits and 0.6Mil Tyll, I kind of regret not getting the glaive for 60K cubits but for running around-leveling up the sycthe is better. I guess by default lines are better, but I currently wince when I see the cost of FTL travel for my escort.

Running Costs? I've managed to mine 1.3Mil Tyll out of 2Mill required to get a line with 13K xp per day or something, using an escort and I am still 3 levels away from being able to get access to them. So although the quantities sound large its not so big. (Although running a line appears ery costly). The real costs come in upgrading ship systems. Skills upgrade all ships and all systems so best get these first.

Large scale fleet battles pritty much relay on long range lobing of firepower. They are fun and epic although again can be very laggy. I'd prefer to see more wolf packs rather than 1 big lagging formation. I'll probably rig my line up exclusively for this purpose, or at least half, as long as you can keep the enemy to one side (at least for sycthe) you can keep your best guns on them for what range is needed.


-If you connection/ cpu stats aren't great start with raptor, or hunter vessels as the faster interceptor craft will most likely lock out at top speed.
-Keep with what weapons you have and level up skills and base upgrades (ie no cubits).
-RCSslide is fun but useless you are in a group, even then it eats your power.
-Increase core stats like cannon, hull and computer power. Speed and mining are others which increase the speed of gameplay but dont necessarily help in combat.
-Don't level your ship systems too much, for example I wasted effort leveling up my fighter systems. I suspect you may want to keep your escort as your main ship and line for show/large battles.
-You need an extra 20K of tril for mining laser and scanner. before you blow your cash on an Escort
-Plan you ship strat. Given lines are big and slow you may want a quicker escort like scythe or banshee to gather resources with.
- Avoid group ECM stuff, its good but can really lag out. Also best get auto stuff rather than stuff you have to click. Same with missles.

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