Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here are some shots I've taken with the Fuji s5600. Very good shots.

To be honest I have not ventured that far from auto mode.

Looks like Fashia Japonica might have survived the frost afterall.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My s5600 review

Camera Bought: 30 May 06, Last Updated: Jan 2007

Note you can get good second hand s5600 if you look at a discounted price.

The s5600 is an excellent choice for a camera, although time flies...

If I were to upgrade I would go for a Panasonic DMC TZ3. Compact with 10x Zoom. It lacks manual controls, yet I more often than nor use auto these days.

Fuji FinePix s5600, Overall: 9/10 Recommended (EU Best in Class Award)

This camera is a good compact-ish (coat pocket) All-in-One. The zoom adds more versitilty and gets you closer to the subject. Its very robust and has taken my wrough treament. As the overall score shows as well as winning EU Best in Class Award, its not perfect, but the optimum compromise.

tip: I would say this camera is a robust bridge camera. At first I antispated to get into the manual settings however I find am more of a causal photographer and in most situations the auto works fine. One point: I would say honestly RAW is a complete waste of time.

The 10x zoom is a great improvement on 3x and is one of the main reasons I bought the camera due to increased versitily. Test shots show how effective it is...

(Cropped images at 1:1 res, slight camera shake due to lazyiness on my part)

Image Quality:9-10

The s5600 is well capable of taking good sharp photos. You can see plenty of shots I have taken with this camera on this blog as well as flickr. Most of my shots now are taken in auto 'N' mode, with 'C' processing as shots tend to be brighter.

deadphotosociety. Get yours at

There are some minor issues, for example some rare purple fringing can occur, likewise jpg compression and noise does appear at 1:1 res, however in no way utterly spoils pictures. Photo editting can improve this. RAW output is twice the size, less noise however underprocessed, but I guess that is what RAW is all about.

Features: 9/10

(Left is Chrome oversaturated with blue, than real life right.)

Chrome is very effective at creating rich colourful pictures, for lazy people like me, however some times you should select Normal to avoid oversaturation. Yet it has to be reiterated that it can greatly liven up pictures as well.

Marco: 9/10

I have had a lot of fun with marco, capturing close up detail, small bugs and the like. The s5600 doesn't have a massive DOF however a higher f number (smaller) aperature helps.

Tip: For things which may move, I usually set CF, JPG, N mode, continious shooting and keep clicking as I move closer towards the subject.

Tip: From a recent play with continuous shooting, for a fixed position, its best to use the auto-focus, switch to manual focus then press the shutter button, that way it will keep shooting without trying to re-focus, hence quicker shots.

The key let down is the limited continous shooting in manual modes, its there to stop you making mistakes but with a little experience it becomes a niggle to what shots you can achieve. Also to some extent the burst isn't lightening fast however fair with the competitors in its class.

Don't bother with RAW but if you want search for "s7raw".

ISO: Normal range is 64-200 clicks. Above this contrast and noise can set in, however better than other cameras.

Sharpness: I select Normal as Hard or Soft settings are well named.

Construction: 9/10

2x Drop Test from Table high Proof. Still working fine.
1x Slam into brick wall, temporary read error, still working fine.

Just from picking the camera up you can tell it is solidly built. A simple rattle test shows only an insignificant amount of rattle from the pop up flash, which is only to be expected. The best part of its construction is its fully contained lens mechanism as many other cameras have an external mechanism which is far more vunerable to damage. The camera does make noise when in operation which can be a bit annoying if wildlife is startled by it, but then again most cameras make noise.

There are a couple of minor build issues. The EVF has an acceptable but low res. The USB cap as a number of other camera brands is a tad flimsy and should be treated with care. The battery cap has a tendency to scratch batteries. Also maybe it is just me, but I am progressively finding it a bit hard to switch from play to review without accidentally sliding to off.

Ease of use: 9/10

From soon playing with the camera it is clear it is designed for well… me. You can easily stick to AUTO and get brilliant shots, whilst also being able to go manual.

A couple issues are that manual focussing and likewise switching to continuous shooting are a tad fiddly.

Value for money: 9/10

I’d say as a package its good value for money being an ‘all in one’, although it has to be said xD cards are generally more expensive. Likewise there are many second hand models out there, as people progress through photography.

Batteries: 9/10

I have used 2500amh Rechargeables for 2-3 week now without needing recharge with clever use of the EVF, which is recommended. Note I am a casual photographer. A good indicator when the batteries are going is when the camera struggles to focus.


Monday, May 29, 2006


A variety of shots I have taken with my s5600... (My s5600 Review)

(Note: Due to getting images onto the internet the quality is slightly deminished than originals.)

Update Laziness...
deadphotosociety. Get yours at

Fitness update -- 29 May

That was the week that wasn't...

Far too much paper work, some gardening, some reviewing cameras, and being lazy. Half last week, the tread is not good.



Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Digital Camera

Right I have choosen the Fuji s5600, 10x Zoom, Compact, Cost: £199,

£45 for 512MB xD ( or maybe 1G off amazon)
£24 for 4x2500 and charger
£10 for 4x2500 spares
£?? for case
Total Cost: £200 ish

My only critism is that it should have a focus ring on the lens barrel to quantify the slight bulkiness compared to its competitors. However the picture quality looks brilliant.

If I were buying a bog standard camera I would go for the Canon A610.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Digital Camera Review

I have to say given my research the best camera type has to be the Super Zoom. Although slightly bulkier, the Zoom capability far outweights the bulk issue.

1st Place: Fuji s5600, compact, zoom ( I now own one.)
2nd Place: Fuji s9500, manual rings, zoom, not so compact
3rd Place: Sony H1, ok but average, extenal zoom mech bad

If I were to upgrade I'd go for the Fuji s9500.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Casualties of war

Evidence is coming to light that the Government is trying to cover up poor quality of aftercare that wounded soldiers recieve, as well as being economical with the truth, when it comes to reporting the full casualty figures of the recent engagements in Iraq and Afganistan.

This comes at a time when Iraqis dance over a downed Britsh Helicopter and the once 'destroyed' Taliban are making a warground of Afganistan.


The new weapons in the fight against Britian's growing alchol problems.

The "Mop and Bucket" Initative is designed to counter drunk revelors from using streets as public urinals, by making them clean up thier own mess.