Sunday, May 07, 2006

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Sanity is a semantic of norm, an idealised equilibrium between sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. Taking Shadow aspect into account however the reality is an imbalance towards sociopathic traits, where by people simply present a Superego for the social advantage rather than actually fully believing in the norm.

Insanity in the majority of cases it is due to a psychopathic imbalance in which people commit an act of insanity such as rape because they believe their will is greater than another's. The common ignorance surrounding this issue is that those who do not conform to the norm are hence not normal and therefore deemed insane (see Fuzzy Logic), which is invariable the opposite of the truth. Psychopaths can appear perfectly normal and even be pillars of their community until their psychosis manifests itself.

Psyhcosis are delusions which overwhelmingly cloud rational behaviour. Subtypes include schizophrenia, spilt personality, dipolar, depression, paranoia, catatonic, psychotic etc.

Neurosis are delusions in which people are capable of rational thought but have an irrational characteristic. Subtypes include obessive complusive disorder, anxiety, hysteria, pyromania etc.

Dipolar is the main form of depression, where by people swing from eurforia to depressed and back again. Whilst in a depression the majority of sufferers can only find reasons to be unhappy, whilst out of their depression they witness the opposite.

A Psychotic break (apart from in clinical cases) occurs when the ego fails to resolve a conflict between Superego and Shadow aspect, if the issue is left unresolved or is too big to deal with, results can vary from a temporary mental break down to permanment mental illness depending on the severity of the failure.


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