Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beauty and Attraction

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Modern Culture states that there is a universal law of attraction. Symmetry in the face indicates good health. That men should taller than the woman in question, have black hair, brown eyes, low heavy brow, strong jaw, big hands and feet. Whilst women should be blonde, blue eyed, thin, small feet, curved cheak bones with a modest chest. And recent statistics confirm this trend.

Ask any geniologist and they might just laugh. The statistic is a self reaffirming fallacy. *

What both men and women should find attractive in thier mate are characteristics which are similar to thier own, likewise individual preferrences. It is often a worry that this would indicate a degree of incest however as the human race has evolved DNA has become more and more scrambled up, so dominate charateristics such as black hair and brown eyes have spread, yet it doesn't mean everyone with black hair and brown eyes are in any way closely related.

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