Thursday, September 07, 2006


Women are being told to freeze their eggs against fertility problems later in life.

Yet no one is stressing enough that IVF is not 100% effective and that it should be really seen as an emergency failsafe rather than an 'option'.

It sets a dangerous president.

Its a farse! Just the other day new research was declared showing men over the age of 40 have 60% chance of farthering a child with birth defects, yet no one is mentioning that beyond the age of 30 women's fertility is known and has been known for a long time to become dramatically retrograde.

From an eariler post on the subject...

"Shooting blanks" is a joke about a man's inability to farther a child.

Yet statistics and frank common sense about the whole reproduction process, show that the majority of infertility cases are actually caused primarily by female or combined female and male complications, with pure male infertility issues taking a reliative back seat.

Add to this an increasing trend of older couples, within which women's fetility decreases with age comparitively much faster than that of a man's.

The question has to be asked...Where are all the jokes about women who are incapable of bearing a child?

Why indeed, given reason, do men take the brunt of infertility downcasting in an apparant modernday educated society?

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