Monday, December 04, 2006


Erich Fromm asks an important question in Sane Society, is the society we live in insane?

We operate on a level of ruthless logic, society is greater than the individual; the individual who has become a trapped lab rat in a worthless maze.

Society is made out of individuals, we make the world in which we live.

Which begs the question what is sane? We now know that we are constructed of DNA, our memorys electro-chemcial sequences, a brain mass three times bigger than any other species on the planet...

Yet why is the soul of man lost in the machine? We can not just merely operate. Humans are greater than the sum of thier parts.

If the 21st Century is the product of countless social victories, Why do we suffer now so much from social disfunctions?

People assume you come from a normal family background and thus those who don't are lost.

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