Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Left Hemisphere Dominant

Science has long known that humans are left hemisphere Dominant.

Presented with a task a Brain will first try to remember a simular situation to draw comparision from (pattern recognition). If this does not work, the Brain will then try to think creatively to solve the problem.

However new research indicates instead of a simple logical process, the Brain actively supresses the Right Hemisphere until required.

This makes sense as it is more efficent to run one or the other. Yet at the same time it limits the brains creative capability.

This is also shown in reference to age, as a child we have to be think creatively to draw understanding from the world then the more we learn, the less creative we have to be.

This has clear psychological references as well, OCD (Left Over Dominance) Asberguer Syndrome (Right Over Dominance).

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