Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jet N'ar

Character Name. Jet N'ar Xenoa

Type. Brooding Tom Boy

Species. Falleen

Gender. Female

Age: 80yrs - early 20s

Height. 5'9''


Physical Description:

Black blue hair, heavy brow, reptilian, strong cheek bones. Eyes brown.

Falleen ritualistically shave thier head bar a pony tail however Xenoa has allowed he hair to grow back.

Naturally green, though tends towards red. (colour changes with mood)

Burn scar on right upper arm and torsoe.

Until she makes eye contact many do not mark her seriously. Her features are of a royal dominating appearance. Often piering or frowning.

Manner is reserved, her speach flucuates from wellspoken to broken back-to-front sentences.

Wears a black Falleen spacesuit with the pointy shoulder pads removed.

Special Abilities. Sexually Alloring Pheromones, exceptional lung capacity.

Force Sensitivity. Jedi Mind trick intolerant.

Equipment. Falleen Blaster, throwing knifes. (credits)

Nightsister sword, a force enchanted samari type sword equal to a lightsaber.

(She gain a Nightsister blade in trad/picked it up from a dieing nightsister).

Background. "Impure blood." Illegitimate child of the sovereign. Raised by a middle class warrior family sworn to protect the King. Xenoa never had any formal education bar by her father in military combat and tactics. Outside her home she was forced to wear a black clock to cover her inability to hide her emotions usually, anger. She began work from a young age as an scouting bodyguard then progressed to a position within the central palace.

One fated day she was mistaken for royality by a visiting dignatry due to her tone and demure, whilst having one of her common arguements with the head of palace security; she was then swiftly accused of being a pretender to the throne.

To avoid scandle she was sent from her home planet to act as a spy and bodyguard for those on pilgramage. Culturally inward looking, this was akin to excile, the mark of an outcast. Due to her breeding she gained a position within the Black Sun. For a number of years she remained a shadowy underworld figure until the Black Sun leader Prince Xizor was killed. With reason Xenoa turned to the safer occupation of weapons trading.

She had always been skeptial of the Rebels. When Vader ordered a massive bombardment to contain a Bio-Weapon incident on her homeplanet killing 200,000 Falleens, she began to help the Rebels without drawing attention to herself.

Once the New Republic established after Endor, Xenoa became a military advisor, often showing up those she operated under so much that she was given a commision.


Although she has joined the New Republic her personality has become progressively colder, isolated and bitter, which she then internalises and uses like a furnace. Yet she can slip into an intense rage and has made herself sick everyso often.

She has lost some of her once (mascule) athetic figure as she has risen up the chain of command, she is slightly disappointed in herself, although is content with not being mistaken for being a male Falleen. (Allowing her hair to grow back)

Politics interests her due to the level of lavish deception on display, she learnt diplomacy skils whilst in the central palace of Falleen.

She likes heat, particually when shedding her skin, although she finds water very relaxing. The Falleen space suit she wears regulates her body temperature, aiding in keeping her concentration.

Pros- Good strategist, diplomat.

Cons- Lack of emotion control; Anger


Due to her up bringing she wished to prove herself as a great military strategist. Everything else is a poor second. She has thought about obtaining the leadership of the Falleen by force however she knows this would not satisfy her for long. Wealth does not not interest bar to live and maybe bribe others. She is still uncertain wether she wishes to have children, brooding over a clutch of eggs wasn't her style.

Quote. "The universe is a book. If one page is torn out, the book is not destroyed; merely rewritten."

Character Connections.

Black Sun Criminal connections, usually due to seduction.

Strained Falleen connections, usually for medical supplies.

Impressed New Republic middle command.


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