Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mixed Fleet Idea - Move-Suppress

To simulate small scale conflict...

Suppressive fire enables a fleet to subdue any enemy movement and thus take control of a conflict zone.

Light Firepower is the main component of suppressive fire with Heavy caliber weaponry being half as effective. Suppressive fire is usually spread across the enemy fleet and can shift to a focused area, for example to subdue a flanking maneuver.

The amount of suppressive fire available in a combat arena is usually limited, ie you have to subdue an enemy advance and at the same time stop the rest of the enemy fleet from breaking.


Actual Suppressive fire = (Light Fire Power + (Heavy Fire Power /2) ) /3

Effective Suppressive Fire = ActSupFire / ((Number of Ships/3) / (Enemy Ships/3) )

Ie, to keep things simple there are 2 flanks and a center.


Suppression Quality % = EftSupFire / (Total Enemy HP/3)

If Quality is over 50%, the section of an enemy fleet is deemed Suppressed and hence open to a movement penalty.

Focus % = excess SQ%/ excess ESQ%

This is the amount of suppressive fire which can be shifted to a enemy segment.


To conclude

Movement chance % = (SQ/Enemy SQ) + ((F / Enemy F)/2)

If Movement Chance is over 70% the move command is successful.



Fleet rotation, ie sending wounded ships to the back hence they survive.
Full Scale Retreat (Dependant on whether enemy wants to pursue)
Flanking gives attack bonus



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