Thursday, January 01, 2009

camera perspective

Well been looking into possible replacements for my beaten up Fuji s5600.

The Lumix TZ4 10x 8.1MP attracted my eye, however soon no EVF and compact size indicated big negatives. Plus although wide screen video audio looked to be patchy + bad audio.

So I then racked my brain reviewing, camera review sites... Canon SX10IS vs Lumix Z28

I leaning more towards the Canon SX10 IS although holding off until more reviews come through and flickr shots appear.

Having handled Canons before, I'm not a fan but the SX would appear to be the solid all rounder.

The SX10 is more modern, dSLR looking than the 1975 style Lumix. Although with the 2 mics looks like its got a little face on it.
EVF sounds OK, but the fact remains the LCD will always review an image best.
SX10 Image quality is crisper than the Lumix without Post production.
SX10 Good Video/Audio destroys the Lumix's video, although lack of Wide screen/HD is a down point.
Apparantly slower burst than Lumix. Although both have good standard shot speed.

Swivels screens have two uses in my mind, self shot view and protecting the screen. Although I guess they give a little extra leeway but its not a necessity.

The hood is nice and flashy, although from experience can swing a shot either way if not angled correctly.

Lumix has an Lith-Ion which is better, but AAs are still easier.

The SX is capable of having filters and extra lens, although its tagged on rather than an actuall feature. I personally don't use extra lens, although macro lens do tempt me.

The flash shoe isn't hot for me, I see me catching it on things plus it draining the battery a little bit more. Although on the plus side the built-in flash is manual pop up... Thank God.

The product cost is cheaper to compensate for possible purchase of rechargeables.

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