Monday, May 22, 2006

Finger prints in the dock

A murderer still free, a innocent man jailed for 3 years and a police officer put through purgatory.

The science of Fingerprinting has taken a serious dent after 4 experts gave collaborative evidence to seal a conviction.

The house of cards collasped when a leading Fingerprint expert found not only that there was no-match but there were signs that evidence had been progressively tampered with in attempt to cover up the corruption.

Today the 4 experts still have thier jobs and the Scotish Police are trying to downplay the inncident as a difference of opinion, rather than incompetance and corruption.

The reality of Fingerprinting is a form of spot the difference, where by a computer then human intervension decides the final match. The issue raised is that some experts appear to be depending on a base number of 'points of simularity' rather than actually examining the print in its entirety.



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