Thursday, May 18, 2006


I am in the process of attempting to write a novel, or maybe even a series of novels.

Genre: Scifi

Ideas thus far...

1: Complete re-write,
Now writen from perspective of female XO, rather than the Elite Operative. A sexy rouge agent is destroying weapon research facilities and has to be stopped.

2: Barely any clue what so ever
This is the action packed sequel to Idea 1, where by the Elite Operative and the sexy rogue agent decide to save the universe and get some icecream while they are out.

3: Fun but sketchy
This was originally part of Idea 2, where by a ship is discovered with some creepy stuff going on, of course people are stupid enough to go on board and get eatten alive etc the usual.

4: Origin and crap
This was essenially meant to introduce the series and I think it has something too it, being crashed on an alien planet, however it is crap in retrospect.


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