Sunday, May 07, 2006

Orbital Dicta

10 May 2006

I have officially taken 2,975 steps today and travelled 0.77km.

Half an hour jog, stopped on that final leg.

Glad to see self defence classes for women teach the; no no no backing away petrified approach when confronted by another jogger coming round a corner at the same time. Remember kids you are statistic more likely to get killed by someone you know, than a complete stranger.

Forgot about pressups today.

9 May 2006
54 pressups, a bit of walking and gardening

hope the oak tree I have planted will grow up strong, I think I may have killed off a beech tree I wanted to transplant

moved my california water plant as it was being encorched by reed grasses

pampuss grass is hanging on in there though with some worrying dead growth

bunny ears is growing flower buds again although last time it didn't flower

blue candle's second arm has grown up well
07 May 2006

30 Pressups

2 and 1/2 KM in 30 minutes


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