Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I personally noticed a slight difference between the two brothers account of the shooting, first...

"they shot me, dragged me by the feet down the stairs, sweared at me and kicked me repeatidly in the face"

then the other brothers account...

"I heard a bang, a bright white flash then everything went silent."

As one commentated put it: "colourful."

I'm not saying he didn't get shot, however the whole...lets make stuff up and no one will notice line wears a tad thin on me, particually when he shows no signs of having been kicked in the face and no gun I know of produces an...alien abduction stylie flash of light.

I am progressively becoming worried about society, particually the asian community in part as they seem to possess a level of delusionment and egomania unsampled by any neonazi chav I have had the displeasure to meet.

If you are born in Britian you are English, not Asian...in'it.



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