Sunday, June 25, 2006


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In some parts of the world women are treated like a commodity, whilst in others women are treated like the ultimate commodity.

The difference is slight.

In the early orient women had their feet traditionally bound when they were young, restricting growth and causing the bones in their feet to meld together making it painful to even walk.

Today women shave off their body hair, pluck their eyebrows, have breast implants, collagen injections, liposuction, botox and a regimen of diet.

Very little has changed.

I so often see single mothers childishly longing for a partner naïve enough to ignore the reality that her ex-husband left her for another model. Who in turn is arrogant enough to believe he loves her instead.

…So women remain to be the bringers of their own damnation, to unwittingly follow the Blind Etiquette.

Or is it simply that the female psyche has evolved, thus.

“I shop therefore I am.” Barbara Kruger

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