Saturday, May 31, 2008

balanced fleet- take 2

Rethink: Its difficult how to see a new system would be integrated without an overhaul.

Each ship has an evasive/flanking/manouevability ranking. I.e with a mixed fleet you can suppress an enemy while you move freely. Else they can out flank you or fall back wounded ships.

i.e: Shuttle 0.6, Corvette 0.5, Frigate 0.4, Destroyer 0.3, Cruiser 0.2, Battleship 0.1

Focusing firepower on a specific ship type. For example attacking Light Firepower ships will save you Light Class Ships.

Doubles sheilds of specific ship for survival, however they can not fire.

---Rotate Fleet
------------------Fall back damaged ships from front line/or/Place specific type in front. I.e More effective/well defended ships.

---Full Retreat
------------------Increases survival when retreating. Damaged ships sent to the front whilst healthier ones retreat.
------------------Ships attack at close range, deal a critical hit but also will suffer heavy loses in doing so.

The success of the above depends on the nature of the fleet and the enemy.

I.e. if you go with battleships and meet a more mixed fleet. The enemy fleet will be able deal more damage and potentially survive your assault.

However note the above are one round events, with a recharge times and may depend on a certain numbers of ship type to balance out system.



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