Thursday, October 29, 2009

Humax PVR 9300t

200hrs record with 1 playlist?

The number buttons default to TV list. (going to have to manual scan to get rid of BBC wales) Likewise seemingly no way of assigning buttons with channels.

Manual recording i-plate disappears within 1/2 a second.

Tiny REC indicator on box panel. No clear "active" indicator on guide either... given I'm not use to them working the way they should.

PIP is a gimmick for some, anyway of removing it from the list?

Commercial skip under a slat seems bad choice.

Mute causes TV to hum. Volume control not great.

Games? Really?


It works, its pretty, (bit thin, needs stand) I've got use to it but the intended users, my parents may struggle due to sensitivity of buttons.

Little, no fan noise or slow EPG, although changing channels can be blocky.

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