Friday, December 31, 2010

Game Concept (3)

OOP'd more stuff,

characters have UID and OOP'd code
minimap now holds more variables, will need to ref minimap more as Iso needs to be just for show.
enabled faction colours on minimap
improved freezoom, but doesn't recognise lastzoom for first scale change

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Game Concept

V...6 Added freescale, OOP char init, improved 2d map, converted to basic ships, resized control boxes.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Water Buts

Nuts... always read the label, I made a run off go into a water butt but didn't have any over flow where it should have been so it torn it self apart...

Linked up the pond to the green house roof so I don't have to manually fill it so often. Its suprising how much water can go into a pond.

Well now planning some way of using the dead water butt and diverting all the water off the greenhouse to the pond.

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Curries PC World

For a while I felt the people who worked for comet has some inane smugness to them, now curries and pc world have combined (they were sister companies anyway) you can' walk into to any mainstream electrical store without someone confusing you with how many amps you need.

Saying that had an amazing experience in former Curries where sales women walked around telling people to buy stuff they didn't need, then continued to do so. Maybe she had to work towards targets, maybe she was a twit.

To keep balance comet employ did drop a tv we just bought saying that for certain items I think comet has a greater range. It can be pricer for some items and cheaper for others...

(... hell who I kidding they are all part of one massive conglorate military industrial compex any way.)

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Humax PVR 9300t

After having the Humax for a while this is an addtional perspective.

Need to clear memory, then scan for channel 62 to lock on to UK channels. Else everyone starts speaking wealsh.

Pause live TV is buggy. You have to remember it take a minute or so for the information to be processed you can reach the end of a recording whilst its still recording... instablity.

Good background noise level, having had terrible VCRs you can bearly hear it.

The sound control is a little annoying its all to easy to have the tv up loud and have static.

Freeview overall is a little annoying given they went for channels over quality, the shear amount of repeats and channels I don't watch.

They are planning a interweb linked in version so you can effective capture a week if not more crap.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Game Concept

So this may become the twitter account for my game design. Although I'm interested in making a xcom inspired game, animating and structuring ground environs is a nightmare. So the idea is to convert it into a space ship game. With blank space as a background I maybe able to go upto 50x50 tiles without melting the average processor. (fully zoomed out would dramatically loose detail though)

Current Version:

Interface. Striped down concept to make the game feel simpler.
Enabled OOP character movement. Detects edge/character is in the way.
World Zoom Control. (Maybe a fully adjustable zoom)
Keyboard Movement controls. ( convert to plane up down movement)
Overview Map. Tracks characters, will show factions possibly weapons range
Combat Engine: Some sort of established RPG engine, I think I can then fluff it with extra detail which has no real mechanic.
Movement: May enable more complex movement, but thinking fast speeds should be straight line affairs.
Points: I'm thinking there will be combat points, then logistic points. IE you could win a battle but loose a war. Basic kill ratio.

Glitches to look out for: I intend to have fog of war so will have to enable a extra bit of code so if you move to an occupied square you didn't know an enemy was in, you would stop before it and suffer a suprise attack.

Known Bugs: zdepth sorting isn't enabled. When a character is clicked to move other characters go translucant to hide the glitch. Give zdepth sorting still has glitches and needs on enterframe I think its reasonable standby.

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