Sunday, December 19, 2010

Game Concept

So this may become the twitter account for my game design. Although I'm interested in making a xcom inspired game, animating and structuring ground environs is a nightmare. So the idea is to convert it into a space ship game. With blank space as a background I maybe able to go upto 50x50 tiles without melting the average processor. (fully zoomed out would dramatically loose detail though)

Current Version:

Interface. Striped down concept to make the game feel simpler.
Enabled OOP character movement. Detects edge/character is in the way.
World Zoom Control. (Maybe a fully adjustable zoom)
Keyboard Movement controls. ( convert to plane up down movement)
Overview Map. Tracks characters, will show factions possibly weapons range
Combat Engine: Some sort of established RPG engine, I think I can then fluff it with extra detail which has no real mechanic.
Movement: May enable more complex movement, but thinking fast speeds should be straight line affairs.
Points: I'm thinking there will be combat points, then logistic points. IE you could win a battle but loose a war. Basic kill ratio.

Glitches to look out for: I intend to have fog of war so will have to enable a extra bit of code so if you move to an occupied square you didn't know an enemy was in, you would stop before it and suffer a suprise attack.

Known Bugs: zdepth sorting isn't enabled. When a character is clicked to move other characters go translucant to hide the glitch. Give zdepth sorting still has glitches and needs on enterframe I think its reasonable standby.

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