Monday, December 20, 2010

Humax PVR 9300t

After having the Humax for a while this is an addtional perspective.

Need to clear memory, then scan for channel 62 to lock on to UK channels. Else everyone starts speaking wealsh.

Pause live TV is buggy. You have to remember it take a minute or so for the information to be processed you can reach the end of a recording whilst its still recording... instablity.

Good background noise level, having had terrible VCRs you can bearly hear it.

The sound control is a little annoying its all to easy to have the tv up loud and have static.

Freeview overall is a little annoying given they went for channels over quality, the shear amount of repeats and channels I don't watch.

They are planning a interweb linked in version so you can effective capture a week if not more crap.

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