Sunday, January 30, 2011


Revolt! Long time coming.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

en court cordiale

Britian and France have made movements to combine military forces to reduce costs. Not too soon. Britian has the SA80 (bullpump) France has the FAMAS (bullpump). I'd say the SA80 is better in the pure sense its always been a true assault rifle, whilst the FAMAS1s were carbines by comparison (ie shorter effective range).

Given we are building two carriers with little much more than helicopters I hope france has some. The JSF is good but seemingly costly. Thats another thing, the airforce, army and navy all have thier own varient fighters. I'd say build only navy designs.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Concept - Weapons Range

Each square may need to be 50m, rather than 100m as two ships moving towards each other would close range very fast.
Range is split into good and bad (ranged).

Ironsight accuracy is hard at 350. Anything beyond 400m especially 600m is unacceptable unless there is a large area targets or #binoculars are employed as adjusted fire. (IE It maybe all units have unlimited ammo but firing at unacceptable ranges is considered wastage also it will reveal you more to the enemy.)

4x Scope
Basic scopes increase outter accuracy an extra 100m (to 500m) although the limitations of the rifle remain.

10x Scope
Sniper Scope. May increase total range. Sniper scope greatly improves long range targeting but under 300m the FOV is too narrow to be as effective.

What I would more commonly see as a sniper is actually seconday to the Heavy sniper.

7.62mm Marksman/Sniper, (800m~2500m)
You defiantely need a spotter for anything beyond 800m. Adding a 10x scope to a battlerifle makes it a Marksman. IE better accuracy but weapon is still limited.

12.7mm Heavy Sniper, (1800m-2500m)
Designed as both Anti-Light Armour and counter-sniper, the 12mm is the true sniper. However it is heavy, needs to be fired in prone and has limited rate of fire. So its more a support/mortar type role than front line unit. Definately needs spotter to calcuate firing solution.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


itchy is Warner Bros artist.. go figure

boblog is good as well see favicons

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Weed totting gunman shoots congress woman

Legalise drugs now! Its the only sane solution. Buy a childs toy get a free semi-automatic killing machine with extended clip ammo for all you survival needs.

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The statement that Jack Straw said...

Jack Straw goes to show the happy go lucky knee jerk reaction of racist pointers. A claim which far out weights the actual quantative matter of how much there actually is in the world. His statement was reasonably well balanced and quantified, yet somehow any statement "could be taken out of context" and hence is done so to prove a self-fulling-proficy.

Reading the for and against camps on BBC you see the good old balanced public:
black person mentioning slavery? wow you going to drop that topic sometime ever?
someone who apparantly witnesses this sort of thing happing on a daily basis? sure...
asian stating the majority of sex offenders are white and its a police ploy? ...oh... its a police conspiracy against non-whites... got ya.

Fundermentally the point is, why is it that the race card has so much weight? Where has balanced news reporting gone?

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Concept 5

After building an experiemental combat engine and momentarily noticing that most of these style games occupy 1-7 lanes I realised I need to tone 21 lane scope down at least during testing.

For the present, there are 3 lanes like warfare 1944 where units are actually grouped in 1 MC. As for the World Map: Improved OOP and classed most stuff up so the fla is neater.


Formations/Fleets (Group Control/AI)
A player can choose a formation set up (maybe manually do so). This will mean a player can advance a group of units with scouts, machinegun type units on flanks, do pepper pot 2:2 cover formation type stuff. Maybe have it that more well trained units can do that automatically but not cheap units. This will also ease AI capability / construction.

Players may also group individual units into fleets to ease micro and enable reinforcement type stuff.

MovetoCover (breaking up the warzone in to easy chunks)
I like the idea of having a massive battlefield but it would be over the top both to code and to play. So much like 1944 I will break the map into sections where cover is, then units can move to the next cover, not just move forward like warlords. Maybe have it so units can lay down cover, or indeed if large units get disabled they can then act as cover.

Rally Points
User can define rally points so units will automatically move up if wanted.

I'm working off infantry concept at the moment. Basically most main weapons can fire upto 8squares but are progressively less effective. (Stuff like Missles, grenade launches, grenades, mortars will have longer ranges.) I'm thinking of stealing an rpg engine ideas to ease things. Have just 4 arcs, and restricting reactions. IE units have to focus on thier lane first and foremost. So unless a unit has another unit infront of them, that unit can't effectively fire onto another lane.

Changing lanes is not available although may be added.

2 of the arcs will be sides, in other games if you get past a unit, thats it you just continue, in this game hopefully the units can attack sideways again based on restrictions. ie maybe some sort of "suprise attack"

Sneakiness/stealth/ fog of war I have to think about.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Concept (4)

The "full" iso structure of the game is restrictive in the sense only one object can move at a time effectively in close quarters.

So going to take a stab at a ben olding/warfare game, with the current iso as the world map.

Basically, I say "basically" the player places units on a map, and off they go to assault the enemy. I envison a mix between total war and men of war. ie players need to hold positions not just advance. More fluid and more fun.

Current Game Engine Version 0.001
movieclip world structure for good and bad guys
moveArray, so I can add objects to tween command

Known issues
there is a delay in adding movieclips which causes variables not to init
may need to have swap depth so faster units can pass slower ones.

trying to figure out how to use tween, so set interval say for 1 second and a tween which moves the units the correct distance for that 1 second, then the timer fires again and the unit moves 1 more space, hopefully seemlessly but last time it went crazy.

ie the game will be turnbased but more fluid for more "fun" gamer appeal

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