Sunday, January 02, 2011

Concept (4)

The "full" iso structure of the game is restrictive in the sense only one object can move at a time effectively in close quarters.

So going to take a stab at a ben olding/warfare game, with the current iso as the world map.

Basically, I say "basically" the player places units on a map, and off they go to assault the enemy. I envison a mix between total war and men of war. ie players need to hold positions not just advance. More fluid and more fun.

Current Game Engine Version 0.001
movieclip world structure for good and bad guys
moveArray, so I can add objects to tween command

Known issues
there is a delay in adding movieclips which causes variables not to init
may need to have swap depth so faster units can pass slower ones.

trying to figure out how to use tween, so set interval say for 1 second and a tween which moves the units the correct distance for that 1 second, then the timer fires again and the unit moves 1 more space, hopefully seemlessly but last time it went crazy.

ie the game will be turnbased but more fluid for more "fun" gamer appeal

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