Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The statement that Jack Straw said...

Jack Straw goes to show the happy go lucky knee jerk reaction of racist pointers. A claim which far out weights the actual quantative matter of how much there actually is in the world. His statement was reasonably well balanced and quantified, yet somehow any statement "could be taken out of context" and hence is done so to prove a self-fulling-proficy.

Reading the for and against camps on BBC you see the good old balanced public:
black person mentioning slavery? wow you going to drop that topic sometime ever?
someone who apparantly witnesses this sort of thing happing on a daily basis? sure...
asian stating the majority of sex offenders are white and its a police ploy? ...oh... its a police conspiracy against non-whites... got ya.

Fundermentally the point is, why is it that the race card has so much weight? Where has balanced news reporting gone?

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