Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ignorance is Strength

A reliatively long time ago I read 1984. Upon finishing and having skipped out the second to last third of the book where everything is reiterated in nausiating detail, I had my original thoughts confirmed.

Ignorance is Strength the beginning words of the novel is the core moral message of the work. As time rolled on Freedom is Slavery began to ring true and finally with some level of dubulence War is Peace was marked.

This is as much my homage to Orwell as my perspective on the unfolding 21st Century. Modern culture is for turning its back on individuality and freedom of speach, for so called uniformatity, for slavery of the mind. War will bring forth peace, political will is law. And for those who choose to be ignorant of the growing injustices, of fact, of intellecual debate, they possess a undying strength, they will inherit the earth.


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